Day 9 Foothill, Oil on Canvas, 10x8 inches

Updated: Mar 9, 2018

For a long time Foothills have been a source for my work. Found between flat plateau and vertiginous mountain, the low ridges increase in size, closer and closer to the mountains until the land makes a decisive turn for the vertical. For me, they represent an enticing taste of what lies beyond, like unassuming counterparts to their larger neighbours. Their contours and colours are often reminiscent of the human body (my focus at The Slade School of Art). They have an intimate air but also an enormous immobility. They are mysterious and otherworldly, yet at the same time conventional and (relatively) accessible. Throughout the day they shift through subtle colour schemes - early misty atmospheric silvers and harmonious shades of blue, moving into oppressive monochromes at mid-day and later into the fiery colours of the setting sun. This foothill was in Tibet at the base of the Himalayas.

Below are some other paintings of foothills I have made (some of which are discussed in greater detail elsewhere in this blog):

I made the below painting for my brother as a gift. He was approaching a 'big' birthday and we were in a Pedalo on Phewa Lake, Pokhara, Nepal. I asked him if he would like a painting for his birthday, and if so, what he would like it of. He said he would like a painting 'of that', and pointed to the view in front of us. Behind us, in the opposite direction, were some staggering 7000m snow-capped peaks, so I guess he likes foothills too!