Day 25 Jharkot, Oil on Canvas, 40x30 inches

Jarkot is a village in Mustang, Nepal, and sits at an elevation of 3519m. It is on the spectacular Annapurna Circuit, and the main passage between the Tibetan plateau and the Himalayan foothills. This region of the Himalayas is surrounded by 8000m peaks, overwhelming in scale, with towering cliffs and fierce winds. The snow-capped summits descend into dramatic, eroded desert landscape and the lower valleys are wonderfully sculpted by wind and water. There is a sparseness that elicits an intense emotional response and a sense of the sublime.

A deadly avalanche cut short my route around the Annapurna Circuit, but enabled me to stay longer in this area. I was able to sketch but only for brief periods – the cold was intense and the local children were determined to break my concentration! But I was able to spend long periods absorbing the landscape.

A sketch made in Jarkot:

looking down the valley: