Day 24 Souvenir of a Journey, pencil on paper, 95x6 inches

I made this concertina book drawing for a solo show I had in Washington DC. At that time, feeling isolated after a move to a new country, I decided to chart the peaks and troughs of my emotions in pencil around my studio walls. This is something I had done before, but only recently made the link with the mountainous peaks and troughs I was drawing professionally. As someone whose work has long depended on journeys, my decision to translate the chart directly into drawings felt like the right journey at the right time. It also set the premise of the entire solo show (the show became less about finished work and more about the conditions of art practice). The book is 95 inches long and below are some of the sections. I called the book “Souvenir of a Journey” after a painting by Corot called “Souvenir of a Journey to Coubron”. Over the years Corot has taught me a lot about how the eye ‘journeys’ across a painting and I wanted to make a nod to him as I navigated this journey.