Day 19 Death Valley Diptych, Oil on Board, 8x10inches (x2)

Sometimes an experience can only be seen by constructing it; and sometimes it can only be seen by deconstructing it. Today’s painting “Across the Divide” seemed to require the latter.  In two pieces – ‘mountainous area’ and ‘context’ I wanted to explore what happened when the two elements are separated and whether that brought you closer to a form of truth. I regularly remove and re-contextualise bits of landscape and was curious to investigate the counterpoint and interdependence between two elements. Removing the land and treating it as a single subject, is a form of disembodiment, something that feels like the extension of the painting traditions of still life or sculpture.

The painting was based on a view in Death Valley National Park where I was artist in Residence in 2011 (for more work made during this residence please see days 10&11 of this blog)