Day 16 Jharkot (and other drawings)

The drawings and sketches I have done on-site are often exhibited in their own right. This is a sketch I made in Jharkot, Nepal on a very cold day at 3519m of altitude.

The terrain dictates the medium I use but I always take charcoals/pencils, and, if it is impossible/impractical to take oils, a set of watercolours (though oils are always my preference). I have fine-tuned my oil painting kit to a limited palette of colours, a fast drying medium, and a small selection of brushes. I have two travel easels, one for lightweight trips and one for trips where I have a vehicle or bigger weight allowance. Similarly, I will take either a set of pre-stretched canvasses/canvas boards, or a single collapsible lightweight stretcher and some pre-primed canvas to clamp to it on demand. My painting box has 3 built-in slots to separate and transport wet paintings. Airlines tend not to like fixatives, paint mediums and thinners, but hairspray and refined walnut oil (a brilliant medium and thinner) are generally accepted. Below are some further drawings done on site.

Sometimes the sketches evolve into more complex studio drawings:

The painting sketches feature in other parts of the blog: